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Julie Grandstaff is the author of “Save Yourself: Your Guide to Saving for Retirement and Building Financial Security.” She is a twenty-five-year veteran of the financial services industry where she managed billions of dollars for both individuals and institutions. She retired at the age of fifty-one. Her new book, “Save Yourself”, is a comprehensive guide to saving for retirement and shoring up your financial security so you can do whatever it is you want.

Bio – Full

Julie Grandstaff is the author of “Save Yourself: Your Guide to Saving for Retirement and Building Financial Security.”  She is a veteran of the financial services industry. In her career of more than twenty-five years, she managed a mutual fund and the fixed-income portfolio for a midsized insurance company, oversaw the investment selection for thousands of company retirement plans, developed a financial planning business, and managed the annuity business for that same insurer. She has a master’s degree in finance and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Through diligent planning and saving, Julie and her husband, Jeff, were able to retire more than a decade early, at the ages of fifty-one and fifty-five, respectively. She volunteers her time managing the finances for a small theater company and serving on the investment committee for a local university. When she’s not simply enjoying the freedom of not having to work, she spends her time educating others on how to plan and save for their financial futures through her blog at, one-on-one, and in workshops. She and Jeff live in Portland, Oregon, with their daughter, Kaye.


  • Building a budget you can stick to
  • Financial goals and how to achieve them
  • Creating your personal financial plan
  • Investing for each goal and stage of your life
  • Debt and debt reduction


“Human beings are very imperfectly rational, especially when it comes to
money and especially when it comes to planning for the future. In “Save
Yourself,” financial planning professional Julie Grandstaff uses her
years of experience to explain how savings work, to alert people to the
money traps they might fall into, and to guide them to developing a new
set of habits that gives their future the attention it deserves. The
book is full of clear, detailed guidance that should help anyone move
onto a path that gets their financial house in order.” —Barry Schwartz, Visiting Professor, Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley, and best selling author of “The Paradox of Choice.”

“Julie is exceptionally knowledgeable about retirement and investment options. She has the unique ability to explain investment options in terms non-finance folks can understand, which allows one to make smart informed decisions. Her guidance has been invaluable in to the security of my retirement fund.”- Bob Tobin, Project Manager

Julie’s financial education and advice have fundamentally changed the way my husband and I think about, save, and spend money. We’re smarter because of her, and are now on track for the moment, and for a lifetime.”  – Mihal Freinquel, Director HR Strategic Communications

“Julie guided us through an overview of our financial and retirement position and helped us simplify our financial picture. We were saving for our future through multiple means and with Julie’s help we are now saving via more simple and efficient means.” – Katie Banks, Product Manager

Julie has helped me see that achieving my financial goals is a series of choices and saving for retirement is about paying myself first.”
Cheryl de Renzey, Internal Auditor

After working with Julie personally and attending several of her presentations, I’m impressed with her knowledge of the subject and how well she can break down complex financial topics into understandable pieces.”
Anna Brown, Senior Editor and Writer

Julie’s approach to financial planning was perfect for me. She’s cautious, but not overly so, and her recommendation that I take on more risk in the market has paid huge dividends for me, and I use her retirement calculator tool to tweak my plan and track my savings!” – Jessica Carpenter, Senior Director and Assistant Counsel

Julie gathered together all of our savings and investment data and summed it up into an easy-to-understand spreadsheet, complete with projections of what our savings could become based on various choices.  It was the first time we were able to see that retirement in the not too distant future was entirely possible, and have the confidence that we could make it happen.” – Justin Hendrickson, Manager

Julie’s advice for us was spot on and timely as we were getting ready to have two kids in college. Good reminder that we have to worry about our own retirement as well!” – Berit Kling, Product Manager

“Save Yourself” is now available on Amazon