About SeSo

SeSo stands for Save Early, Save Often. Financial security is not just for the lucky ones who earn more money than you. There is no fancy formula or secret investment strategy that somehow you missed. Your financial security boils down to one simple thing; how much you save. Here, you will find tips on saving and investing for meeting your financial goals.

In its 2013 survey of American Households, the Federal Reserve found that the median total savings in retirement accounts of people aged 55 to 64 was $111,100 and for those aged 45 to 54, $100,000.  If you were to retire on $111,100 this would give you a monthly income of about $550 per month if you invested in an income annuity at today’s rates. Even with Social Security, that doesn’t go very far.  The Motley Fool calculated that the average mortgage payment for these same age groups was $766 and $891 respectively. If all you have in retirement savings is $111,100, you won’t even make your mortgage payment with your retirement savings.

I spent my career in the investment management industry, much of it helping companies choose investments for their retirement savings plans. While the clients were high centered on the investments, their employees had so little saved that it made little difference what investments they chose. The average account balance wouldn’t be nearly enough to pay the bills in retirement.

On this site, there are articles on setting savings goals, saving for retirement, making financial decisions, how investment products work and more. My goal is to help you improve your financial security. Check back here for saving and investing tips, and if you have a question or an idea for a blog post, please leave a comment. I always respond.

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