Big Savings, No Packaging

Last week we had a game night with a few friends. At the last minute we realized we didn't have any non alcoholic beverages in the house, except for water and milk. I'm not sure what that says about us, but to solve the problem, Jeff went to the store to buy some iced tea. Now we … Continue reading Big Savings, No Packaging

The Power of the List

The latest available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) indicates the average household in America spends $6,759 annually on food. For a married couple with kids, food  represents about 13% of all household spending. Of this, about two thirds is spent at the grocery store. Your purchases have been sliced and diced by prominent researchers and marketers for decades, … Continue reading The Power of the List

Long Live Leftovers

When I was single, admittedly a long time ago, I used to turn my nose up at leftovers. It probably had something to do with the poor quality of my meals the first time around. When visiting once, my mother commented that she had never met anyone, other than me, who had to dust her … Continue reading Long Live Leftovers

A Pre-Sliced Apple a Day Can Take Your Savings Away

I am a mean mom. When Kaye was little she longed for Gogurt. Gogurt is a plastic tube of yogurt by Yoplait. Kids can hold it in their hands and suck the yogurt out without needing a spoon. Kaye usually had at least one friend at lunch whose mom, who wasn't mean like me, had … Continue reading A Pre-Sliced Apple a Day Can Take Your Savings Away

Not Everything is Cheaper Made at Home

It's strawberry season here in the Northwest. My first berry pie of the summer was this beauty. Now, here is an example of when making it at home isn't necessarily cheaper than buying it already made. This pie cost me about $10.25 to make. I used a pre-made Pillsbury Pie Crust, because I've never been … Continue reading Not Everything is Cheaper Made at Home

Who Says Home Cooking is Boring?

The thought of eating out is enticing for so many reasons. It's fun to get out of the house and into a new environment. It's great to get out of cooking and cleaning. But really, it's about the food! We long for something special, for something different, attractive and delicious. We want something wonderful, like … Continue reading Who Says Home Cooking is Boring?

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