Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea?

Our beautiful Labrador Retriever mix, Sophie, is getting on in years. At 15, she is at the outer edges of life for a dog of her size, but she is still hanging in there. We've been fairly lucky with her. She's been mostly healthy since we got her at roughly the age of two. But … Continue reading Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea?

The Parent Child Talk: How Will You Pay for College

Spring is in the air and so are those college acceptance letters. Now it's time to choose. There is so much to consider; student life, available programs of study, where are friends going. While you may not want this decision to be about the money, at least part of it has to be. For many … Continue reading The Parent Child Talk: How Will You Pay for College

Thank You for Reading!

Happy new year to all the wonderful people who have followed this blog. In 2015, the site was viewed 2,100 times by viewers in 34 countries. Thank you to everyone who has followed the posts. There will be more to come in 2016. If you have a specific subject that you would like to learn about, … Continue reading Thank You for Reading!

What is SeSo?

SeSo stands for Save Early, Save Often. Here, I will be providing tips on saving and investing for financial independence and the occasional rant on things that get in the way of becoming financially independent.  Financial independence means you get to decide how to spend your days, and not have it decided by your mortgage and credit card … Continue reading What is SeSo?

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