Thank You for Reading!

Happy new year to all the wonderful people who have followed this blog. In 2015, the site was viewed 2,100 times by viewers in 34 countries. Thank you to everyone who has followed the posts. There will be more to come in 2016. If you have a specific subject that you would like to learn about, please leave a comment or email me at May the new year bring you happiness and success in whatever you do.



2 thoughts on “Thank You for Reading!

  1. Hi Julie,

    Love the blog! Happy new year! Have you read Bogle’s Common Sense on Mitual Funds? If so, what are your thoughts in general regarding his argument about no load mutual fund investing vs. market play? is he just advertising for Vanguard?

    Thanks and looking forward to reading more in 2016!

    Jason Phillips


    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks so much for reading the blog and for your comment. I am a big believer in low cost mutual fund investing. Most people don’t have the time or training to successfully manage a portfolio of stocks and bonds on their own, and they don’t have the purchasing power to get the best deals from Wall Street. For my next post I’ll go into more detail on why this is the case.


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